Wilson’s World With The American Red Cross


CHARLOTTE, N.C. –Wilson started the week off with The Red Cross, learning more about the extreme need for blood donations and efforts to engage the Hispanic Community.

The Red Cross blood inventory has reached it’s lowest level in 6 years and is facing a 10,000 unit shortage. There is an emergency need for blood donors to give as soon as possible. The Red Cross follows all safety and infection protocols. If you are healthy, please donate! The Red Cross requires everyone at blood drives and blood donation centers to wear a face mask regardless of their vaccination status. ‎

Local Red Cross volunteers are honoring the traditions of their culture during Hispanic Heritage month with their work in the community. Through the efforts of Hispanic volunteers, the Red Cross is able to provide preparedness classes and share vital information in Spanish speaking neighborhoods and communities. The American Red Cross needs more bilingual volunteers, particularly those who can volunteer in shelters and work on Disaster Action Teams!
Find out more at: RedCross.org‎


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