Union Co. Parents Protest COVID Contact Tracing Notification Delays


MONROE, N.C. – Delays in contact tracing had parents protesting again outside Tuesday night’s Union County School Board Meeting.

Some say its taking more than a week before they’re being notified about possible COVID exposures in the classroom.

Parents say the delays started after the district stopped doing its own contact tracing.

It’s now done through the local health department.

Some parents have taken matters into their own hands and are doing their own contact tracing on Facebook.

“The contact tracing is taking too long, there’s people who aren’t testing at all because they don’t want to quarantine their children,” says parent K Lee Smith.

Pro-mask parents worry the district is now under reporting to the health department, leading to fewer people in quarantine.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, district leaders denied they’re holding back information from the health department.


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