Photo Shows Boy Pointing Realistic-Looking Toy Gun In Local Classroom


MINT HILL, N.C. – Parents at a charter school in Mint Hill are worried about a frightening photo taken inside an eighth-grade classroom.

It shows a boy pointing a realistic-looking toy gun toward students inside Queen’s Grant Community School.

“Oh my goodness it was, it looked real. And so, not knowing initially all the information, it’s very alarming,” says one parent, who doesn’t want to be identified.

The photo was taken in her daughter’s classroom on December 3rd. She says the photo, which quickly spread among students at the school, was taken in-between classes while the teacher was in the hallway.

“Even if it’s just a toy, it still is not something that should be bought into the classroom, even as a joke. Because it’s not a joke. It’s very serious,” the parent says.

She tells WCCB Charlotte the school notified parents of students in the class three days later, on December 6th. Then, the entire school was notified on December 9th.

Parents got a letter from the principal that says the parents of the student in the picture have been contacted and local authorities have been notified.

It also says the student will be disciplined, “in accordance with the student code of conduct.”

Parents say they’d like to see the student expelled.

“So that other students know that, even if it’s just a toy, it still is not something that should be brought into the classroom,” the parent says.

The principal at Queen’s Grant Community School tells WCCB Charlotte the school’s “communication team” will be in touch.

Parents will meet with school board members on Thursday.

They hope to learn more about what punishment the student with the toy gun might face.


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