Morning Brew: Barbie Has A Brand New Look And A Bride Dances The Night Away With A Mannequin Instead Of Her Groom


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In this Pure Intentions Coffee Morning Brew segment, Barbie has a brand new look and a bride dances the night away with a mannequin instead of her groom.

In 2019, streetwear brand, Kith Women announced a partnership with Barbie for a doll styling contest in honor of Barbie’s 60-year history. New Jersey native, Mekka Shyian, won the contest and is now the official stylist of the Kith Women Barbie Collection. Barbie fans were so excited for the latest release that it sold out in just a few hours when it was released on Monday.

After postponing their wedding twice during the pandemic, Christine and Gannon Karmire of Youngsville, North Carolina were hoping their November nuptials would go off without a hitch but, the bride ended up dancing the night away with a mannequin instead of her groom. On the morning of the wedding, the groom woke up feeling sick and was later diagnosed with severe food poisoning. The bride opted to cancel the ceremony but the sit-down dinner had already been prepared – and paid for – and would have gone to waste so the owner of the venue suggested the bride proceed with a stick version of her groom. Gannon spent the majority of the day asleep in the hospital but he was able to make a brief 20-minute appearance toward the end of the night.


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