Mecklenburg County’s Mask Mandate Now In Effect For All Indoor Religious Services


CHARLOTTE — Mecklenburg County’s mask mandate is now in effect for all indoor religious services.  It’s part of a mandate that’s already in place for businesses, establishments, and public places in the county.

Many pastors across the county say county commissioners don’t have the authority to issue mandates in churches.  The measure passed by a vote of 5-4.  Freedom House Church posted on social media they plan to leave the decision to wear masks up to the individual.


“The church believes you can decide for yourself if you wear a mask or not.  Although the overwhelming majority of our church does not wear them, it is your decision,” said church leaders.


The pastor of Charlotte’s The Creek Church says the mandate is another instance of the government overreaching.


“The church should be able to make their own decisions.  The county’s job is not to be a watchdog over churches, they’ve got bigger problems to deal with,” says Pastor Kenneth Robinson with The Creek Church.


Robinson says his congregation has been wearing masks long before the county’s mandate.


Governor Roy Cooper sent a letter to faith leaders across the state asking them to encourage their members to get vaccinated and combat misinformation about vaccines.


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