Local Designer Dresses Pro Athletes in Style



CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Mitch Purgason is from Greensboro. Today he calls the city of Charlotte home. Purgason is a designer who has established an impressive client list of professional athletes. His company is called “Stitched By Mitch“. Some of his customers include, Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffrey and Nascar’s Bubba Wallace.

Purgason draws his design inspiration from the designs and decor he grew up around. The designs he creates for his clients are one of a kind. Purgason admits that he’d love the chance to come up with a look for Cam Newton.

Purgason has a unique design process. He really wants to feel what the client is looking for in a custom look.

So, if the client wants a tuxedo designed, Purgason will create the look while wearing a tuxedo.



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