Edge On The Clock: List Of 2021’s Most Mispronounced Words Is Out


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The list of the most mispronounced words in 2021 is out. The U.S. Captioning Company revealed the most challenging word for people to pronounce is “cheugy” (choo-gee), which means untrendy or uncool. People also struggled with cryptocurrency terms such as “dogecoin” (dohj-coin) and “ethereum” (ih-thee-ree-um). Chipotle and omicron also made the list.

Plus, a popular beer company is turning Christmas time into Miller time, with new drinkable ornaments. Miller Lite drinkers can now take sip of an iced cold beer in their new “beer-naments”.

And, Drake is pulling out of the 2022 Grammy Awards. The rapper received two nominations: Best Rap Album for Certified Lover Boy and Best Rap Performance for Way 2 Sexy.

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