Create Your Own Terrarium at Twigs & Figs Houseplant Shop


Premium houseplant shop and creative space in Ballantyne will begin workshops on October 9.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Press Release) – Twigs & Figs is excited to announce their first month of fun and creative workshops. From learning how to build a jellyfish or tropical terrariums to creating moss art, Twigs & Figs instructors will provide hands-on guidance and detailed instruction perfect for a group setting. These workshops are an excellent group activity or a fun way to meet a new plant lover.

Watch: Inside Twigs & Figs

“We’ve only been open a few weeks and the store already has regular customers,” says Treena Chaudhuri, co-owner of Twigs & Figs.  Based in the heart of Ballantyne, the community-centered shop provides a fun and exciting shopping experience with unique options for all plant parents. Guests can explore a wide array of houseplants, home decor, and enjoy the floor decals throughout the store with plant puns and positive messaging.

Additionally, workshops can be reserved for corporate events, birthday parties, and other group events.

To sign up for a workshop click here or sign up on Twigs & Figs Facebook page or Instagram.


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