Asheville Nonprofit Releases Punk Holiday Album Benefitting Overdose Prevention Efforts


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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Asheville nonprofit Musicians for Overdose Prevention and Holy Crap Records will drop a new, punk holiday album on Friday with all proceeds going to overdose prevention efforts.

The album, “Holiday Songs in B Flat,” features underground musicians who have come together to shine a light on how the overdose epidemic has impacted their community.

Officials say proceeds made from the album will go towards buying the overdose-reversing, life-saving medication Naloxone/Narcan and distributing it directly to musicians and music venues in need.

Overdose deaths in North Carolina are at an all-time high, with 2021 to exceed the previous record of 3,132 deaths in 2020, according to a news release.

Officials say the music community has been particularly hit hard by this crisis, with the closure of music venues and loss of income/isolation during the pandemic.

The digital album “Holiday Songs in B Flat” can be purchased online here for $7 or on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, or other online music services.

“Musicians for Overdose Prevention wants all musicians and venues and recording studios and radio stations to carry naloxone,” JP Kennedy, director of Musicians for Overdose Prevention, says. “And now Musicians for Overdose Prevention is launching a campaign in 2022 to lower the price of Naloxone. Naloxone is too expensive – $75 a kit – and Big Pharma is not backing down on that price. Pharmaceutical companies shouldn’t be able to make a profit on naloxone. They need to take a loss. They helped create this overdose crisis and they can’t make massive profits on this, off us.”

Officials say the tracklist for “Holiday Songs in B Flat” can be found below:

  • “Cranberry Sauce” by Das Kapitans.
  • “Hand Me Down Christmas” by Bethany Harper Forward.
  • “Holiday Inn” by Scott Stetson.
  • “Holiday Like the Wolf” by Dicious Delicious.
  • “Holy Socks” by Hazlo Girar.
  • “Lazy St. Nick” by Father is Lost.
  • “Let’s Ruin Xmas” by Glöckenspeciality.
  • “Mr. Leslie’s Star Trek Christmas Spectacular” by Icarus Tyree.
  • “Não te problema” by Mentacripta One Skull Band.
  • “No Tree” by The Mary Veils.
  • “Old Christmas Eve” by Fortunato.
  • “PT Cruisin’ // Milkman” by Fashion Bath.
  • “Santa’s Big Secret” by Carpal Tullar.
  • “SAN-TSA” by Aimee Jacob Oliver.
  • “Saxy Santa” by Duncan Moondance and the Disco Dinosaurs feat. Noah.
  • “We Were Never Naughty or Nice” by Cardboard Box Colony.
  • “Wouldn’t That Be Something” by A Montreal Paul.
  • “Not Gonna Ruin Christmas” by Foot Gun.


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